Rhino Arc II Motorized System Hands On

A year ago Rhino Camera Gear launched a Kickstarter campaign for their new Arc II – a 4 axis robotic camera head with both wireless control and onboard controller that allows the user to quickly set up multi-point repeatable moves with a camera as well as a host of other functions. Now, this new robotic head/slider combo is ready for prime time and is going into the hands of several reviewers who seem to be truly impressed by its capabilities.

It took some time but the Rhino Arc II is finally ready and it has tons of options and capabilities including a 4-axis motorized pan/tilt (and optional) focus head that enables you to capture both videos and time-lapse shots. It can carry up to 15lbs/7kg of gear which you can mount to a tripod or slider (the unit has a motor mechanism which makes the connecting part really fast).
On the video above Pike from DSLR Video Shooter has a look at the Rhino Arc II and seems to be quite amazed by its performance, below we have several longer hands-on with the unit as well.

Here is a reminder on some of the specs and features of the Rhino Arc II:

  • 15lb/7kg load capacity on pan & tilt (two motor options – one for horizontal and a slower one for vertical movement).
  • Stand-alone functionality lets you replace your fluid head for repeatable motorized movements.
  • Self screws to the slider/tripod.
  • Backward compatible with Rhino Slider EVO and EVO Motor.
  • Optional motorized follow focus (Rhino Focus).
  • Capture day to night time-lapses with Light Lapse (should be available later on).
  • Built-in output for powering your DSLR or Mirrorless (requires optional Rhino Power dummy battery).
  • Built-in 501 plate receiver (includes 501 compatible plate).
  • OLED screen and dual joysticks for live control over all 4 axis.
  • iOS app for remotely controlling and more control over keyframes (Android is in the works and more keyframe options as well).
  • Face tracking (using a mounted smartphone).
  • Fast motorized mounting using the unit’s pan motor.

Fstoppers talk to Kyle from Rhino Camera Gear who demos the Rhino Arc II system

YouTube player

Tom Antos takes a look at the Rhino Arc II

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As for pricing, the RHINO ARC II (motorized head) sells for $1400, the RHINO SLIDER sells for $600 and the RHINO FOCUS unit sells for $300.

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