World’s First Variable GND Filter – PowerGXND

A few days ago Aurora Aperture announced a brand new product family called the Aurora PowerGXND – the world’s first variable graduated neutral density (GND) filter. This new type of filter could be ideal for landscape and other types of photographers and videographers who want to capture scenes with a very high dynamic range (i.e. bright sky and darker ground) and have a precise control over the result.

Until now photographers needed to carry multiple fixed stop GND filters with light reduction value of 1, 2, and 3 stops. The new variable GND filters will allow the user to use a single filter and simply rotate a ring until the desired result is shown in a viewfinder.

According to Aurora Aperture, the PowerGXND has a continuously variable range up to 5 stops (ND 0 – 1.5). Because of the circular nature of the filter, it can be used with a square filter system and be moved up and down (or any direction) to position the dark to bright transition area for the appropriate composition.

Aperture PowerGXND – first of its kind

The Aurora PowerGXND is based on the PowerXND 2000 filter family that was introduced in 2016 (we tested it here about a year ago). It uses Schott B 270 i Ultra-White Glass and high-quality polarization film with multi-layer nano coatings applied.

The PowerGXND is currently available on Kickstarter (prices start at $111 with an adapter depending on the size – there are a large number of options).

With a prototype square adaptor

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