First Look – PowerXND Mark II Variable Neutral Density

California based filter manufacturer Aurora Aperture recently released the second generation of its variable ND filter which brings a large number of changes and improvements.

We have tested the first generation of the PowerXND VND filters about two years ago (see our review here) we had several suggestions for improvements and two years later the new generation seems to integrate them plus bring in some new and very useful features.

New leaver and dual scales – PowerXND-II

There are two new members of the PowerXND-II family at the moment – an ND 2 – 128 (1 – 7 stops) and a ND 32-2000 (5 – 11stops) they both have the same features otherwise which includes:

  • a slim profile of 6.0mm
  • Schott B270 Super White glass
  • Nitto Denso polarization film
  • Direct reading scale (i.e. scale actually coincides with the ND levels of the filter – which is not the case with most if not all VND filters).
  • Dual scales for 52mm or larger filters (to work with any positioning of the filter on the lens).
  • A removable assist lever for easy turning of the filter (for 52mm or larger filters only).
  • A new hard stop mechanism.
  • Equally sized front thread allows lens cap to be used and to install additional filters.
  • Filter threads – 37mm-150mm.

The new PowerXND-II is currently on Kickstarter (and already reached its goal) and sells starting at $45.

The new PowerXND-II filters

We have been in touch with Aurora Aperture and we will be testing the new filters later on this year.

New coatings

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