ZERO – A Universal Follow Focus Lens Gear

A new kickstarter project aims to bring a solution that will allow one lens gear to work easily with any lens and change lenses on the go quickly. Developed by Broken Anchor Design – a film equipment accessory manufacturer, Zero uses a scissor-like action to create an infinitely adjustable lens gear to fit everything in your kit.

Zero is designed to securely fit on any lens diameter from 60-90mm(2.3-3.6″). The gear itself is free of any mounting clamps, excess rubber strips, zip ties, or set screws that interfere with its operation and is said to have the fastest install time in the industry.

The Zero gear on a Canon 24mm f/1.4 lens


The Zero has 154 teeth and with a 56 teeth  follow focus for example you will be looking at a 2.75:1 gear ratio which should give you a lot of precise control over your focus/zoom or aperture.

Another quick look at the Zero


The Zero will cost around $275 (USD) on Kickstarter – not cheap for a gear but given the fact that you can easily use it on any of your lenses and move it from lens to lens quickly – this can actually be a pretty cost effective solution for some.

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