Alex Cornell: Icebergs Penguins and Social media

Photographer, filmmaker, and periodic musician Alex Cornell from Sand Francisco recently released a behind the scenes video of his photoshoot in Antarctica, looking at icebergs.

Now, icebergs are beautiful but what we found interesting on this video was actually Cornell’s story and the way he took a relatively mundane piece of photography (hay – we are not saying the images from his project are not worth cheeking out – they are great – see two examples below) and made them viral. It is also interesting to see a photographer talks about press outreach and analytics (it isn’t something special it is simply not something that you see discussed on most photographer’s videos typically).

Deep blue icebergs in Antarctica (Credit: Alex CornellAlex-Cornell-Antarctica2 Icebergs or not we love penguins – so here are two of them (Credit: Alex CornellAlex-Cornell-Antarctica1Besides icebergs penguins and social media, Cornell also talks about photography, photo-gear (Antarctica has it’s unique challenges for photographers) and a bit about editing images in Lightroom.

If you are into Antarctica – make sure you check out Mike Libecki & Cory Richards: Antarctic Mountain Climbing video – it is a real must see.

You can watch more videos of interesting photographers on our photographer section here on LensVid.

Iddo Genuth
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