Behind the Scenes of a TV Cooking Show Production

On this video, Tony Reale from NextWaveDV takes us behind the scenes of a TV cooking show he and his team produce called “Cook Like A. Champion”.

If you always wanted to see how a TV show is shot this is an interesting video to watch. It isn’t necessarily shot like what you typically watch on high budget TV productions, yet the final product certainly looks professional and what it takes in terms of gear and setup is relatively minimal.

It might sound surprising but the entire setup has only about three lights. One in the background, one main light with a huge diffusion and another smaller fill light. This goes to show you that more is not necessarily better.

The entire production is shot with 3 different cameras, a close-up, wider and a medium angle dolly shot. Everything is recorded in ProRes 2K which is a relatively fast workflow (this is done internally or using external recorders).

NextWaveDV also set up three different monitors so that it will be easier to view the three cameras at once.

Interestingly this setup is very different than what we have done in our studio, Of course with our smaller location, we had to move everything to the ceiling while in this case, the studio has a lot more room to place tripods, light stands and lights in different locations and still have room to maneuver.

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Iddo Genuth
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