Girl Power: Recreating Hollywood Glamour

Photographers Sue Bryce and Felix Kunze decided to recreate some of the most iconic female portraits in the history of Hollywood. Together with 4 other well known female photographers who volunteered to participate in the project (Tamara Lackey, Susan Stripling, Brooke Shaden  and Lara Jade) they recreated

The behind the scences video above shows photographer Tamara Lackey as Veronica Lake, photographer Lara Jade and Felix Kunze as Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, photographer Susan Stripling as Audrey Hepburn, photographer Brooke Shaden as Marlene Dietrich, and finally Sue Bryce as Liz Taylor.

Here are the final images of the projects next to the originals (Credit: Sue Bryce & Felix Kunze)


You can read more about this amazing project on Sue Bryce’s blog and see some more images from the set.

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VIA: ISO1200.