Kim Haughton: In Plain Sight

On this interview Ruth Medjber talks to photographer Kim Haughton in the Gallery of Photography in Dublin, discussing Haughton’s passion for telling stories through taking photographs, resulting in her recent project ‘In Plain Sight’.

On this interview Haughton tells Medjber how she started in photography and why. The ability to express an idea and tell a story through a series of images was something that drew Haughton from the get go.

As it is described: In Plain Sight is “a powerful and moving exhibition about the legacy of child abuse in Ireland”. One of the interesting and unique things about “In Plain Sight” which Haughton  did was to take some of the child abuse survivors to revisit the locations where the abuse took place and to be photographed  there.

You can read more on Haughton’s In Plain Sight on the Gallery of Photography in Dublin website.

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