Liquid Portrait – Photoshoot Behind the Scenes

On this behind the scences video, Aaron Nace from Phlearn takes a look at a recently done liquid portrait photoshoot and the process of working and preparing it – from the concept to the final image.

On this video Nace talks about different aspects of creating the shoot including developing a concept, working with hair, makeup and wordrew, lighting, and bringing it all together for the final image.

The basic concept was to create an image that will integrate liquid in one form or another. Nace started with a sketch and some ideas he gathered from interesting works online. He collected about 50 different images that have something to be used as reference photos to help with the model, hair, makeup and every other details so they will know in advance how the end photo will look (at least in a part by part way).

Liquid portrait – Phlearn 


On this shoot the concept was an all white look – both the model, clothing, makeup and the liquid. Lighting was a also big part of this image, as Nace wanted a look that has literally no shadows. Nace used quite a few lights including two b-flats made of white cardboards that have lights in front of them reflecting lights on the entire model. Apart from the main light was a beauty dish and another softbox under the model to eliminate any shadows. Nace also added some lights with pink gels to make the entire image look more interesting.

For the liquid part Nace used milk (and made sure that everything was covered perfectly). The lighting was kept the same as the model shoot but in this case they used a municane instead of a model. Everything finally came together in post processing.

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