Mark Seliger on Shooting the Iconic Portrait of Kurt Cobain

On this short Profoto video photographer Mark Seliger talks about how he captured the iconic image of rock star legend Kurt Cobain.

There are images that we all know but we do not necessarily know the story behind them. This iconic image of Kurt Cobain is a great example. Seliger explains that it was not easy to make Cobain shoot for the cover of the album, eventually Seliger shot a very the image of Cobain as he was (with the sunglasses and t-shirt) which appeared on the cover of Rolling-Stone magazine. This opened the door for Seliger to shoot Cobain for the next album in a different way in a portrait that really became iconic.

On this second video Seliger  talks about another iconic image – this time with American actress Kerry Washington


Aside from his photographic career, Seliger is also known for hosting a series called Capture where he interviewed know Hollywood stars who have been interested in photography such as Kevin Bacon and top professional photographers including Platon, Mary Ellen Mark and others. You can check out some of these interesting talks here on LensVid.

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