Psychology and Photography – Anna Rowley & Peter Hurley on TEDx

Why are we so afraid to have our picture taken? This question is the subject of this TEDx talk by Professional photographer Peter Hurley and psychologist Anna Rowley who devised a simple way to overcome your fear of the camera.

The teo call the combination of their two disciplines “psyphotology,” and what they’ve learned can help us shift our perspective away from judgment and criticism and toward better self-acceptance when we are in front of the camera. The two founded Psyphotology together in 2013 as a way to gap the chasm between surface and substance and help you be far less judgmental about how you look at yourself.

This is not the first time that we are looking at the subject of how we perceive our own images. On a previous TED lecture we published here, photographer Duncan Davidson talked about his meetings with a number of scientists and brain researchers and came up with a basic sort of theory about this same issue.

Hurley is a repairing photographer here on LensVid and you can watch his unique style and technique here.

You can see many more insightful photographer’s videos on our TED photography section here on LensVid.

VIA: iso1200.

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