Prompt it Flex: a Portable Teleprompter Review Large but portable hybrid teleprompter

Today we will take a look at the Prompt it Flex teleprompter unit. This dual-mode portable teleprompter can work both as a mobile camera/smartphone teleprompter or as a stand-alone presentation teleprompter for speakers and it supports tablets up to 12″.

Prompt it

Prompt-it is an Australian company that offers portable teleprompters in different sizes. Ours is the Prompt-it Flex that allows for a dual setup with a camera or in presentation mode.

The Prompt-it Flex case

The Prompt-it Flex case

In the kit

The Flex ships in a semi-hard carrying case. The kit includes a magnetic hood, a fabric cover, a special silver-coated glass in a soft protective sleeve, a clamp for presentation mode, a cleaning spray, and a phone clamp.

The Prompt-it Flex kit

The Prompt-it Flex kit

Features and setup

The teleprompter base is a plastic construction with a non-slip surface. The bottom of the base features a metal ¼’’ mount. To set up the teleprompter, connect a stand adapter to this mount.

The top of the base features a metal ¼’’ screw. Connect the glass using the included thumbscrew adapter. The base of the glass comes with a tension mount to angle the glass. For best readability, keep the surface clean. Use the provided spray and squeegee to clean the glass.

Mount the base on a stand and assemble the hood. This is a simple process, thanks to a magnetic design that just pops into place. Prompt-it also includes a special back cover for use when filming with a phone. This cover features a velcro surface to position the phone using the provided clamp.

Place the phone with the camera facing out through the opening in the cover. To mount the hood, slide it onto the glass and attach the anti-glare back cover. Secure the hood with the bungee cords by pulling them over the hooks on the base of the glass.

To install the tablet, lay it onto the teleprompter base and secure it with the sliding adapter. Place your teleprompter stand in front of the camera so that the lens is lined up with the opening in the hood. Finally, for best readability, cover the teleprompter and the top of the lens with the black-out fabric.

Alternatively, the Flex comes with a clamp that allows mounting the teleprompter without the use of a separate stand. This metal clamp attaches to the back of the base and secures with a button release.

This setup has a limitation, though, since it requires a tripod with a center column. Just line up the teleprompter with the lens and tighten the clamp around the column.

The special silver-coated glass

The special silver-coated glass

Prompt it Flex in Presentation mode

The Flex can also be used in presentation mode, without the camera. This same clamp is used to attach the base separately from the glass. The base can be placed out of the way, just remember that the lower the placement, the smaller the reflection of the text.

Prompt it Flex In use

In our working with the Prompt-it Flex, we found it very useful and simple to set up and break down. The handy carrying case is a big plus for portability. The only reservation we have about this teleprompter is the sliding tablet holder. We feel that implementing a spring action here would make it easier to use.

Other than that, the Flex does the job. It’s a pretty simple product, but the oversized front glass and the magnetic hood really add to the experience.

The glass is extra-thick and durable, with a special optical coating for better visibility. Coupled with the hood and the black-out fabric, we had no trouble reading the text even from a good distance.

The Prompt-it Flex with a camera

The Prompt-it Flex with a camera


As for pricing, the Prompt-it Flex sells for $350 on the company website.

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