Advanced “Double Exposure” Effect in Photoshop

Photoshop expert Howard Pinsky demonstrates how to create an advanced double exposure image using Photoshop.

As we have noted in our previous video on creating a double Exposure image in Photoshop by Aaron Nace: “In the analog age, double exposure was done using a film camera by taking two different photos on the same piece of film creating what is known as a “double exposure effect”. In the digital age and using Photoshop we have the opion of doing the same thing but with a lot more control”.

On this video Pinsky looks a bit deeper into some of the ways to truly combine the two images into one artistic image using lection methods, layer masks, Adjustment Layers, and more.

We have already covered how create double exposure using Adobe Photoshop in the past (in a more basic tutorial) and you can also check out a short In-Camera Digital Double Exposure Tutorial.

You can check out more of Pinsky’s videos here on LensVid as well as many more Photoshop related tutorials on  LensVid’s Photoshop section.

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