AI Skin & Portrait Retouching with Luminar 4

Skylum software published earlier this week another interesting bit of information about its upcoming Luminar 4 photo editing software. As you can see from the early demo shown by photographer Anthony Morganti in the video above, there are two new skin and portrait retouching tools that are using artificial intelligence to process images in a quick yet very powerful way.

Skylum has just revealed two new and interesting feature of its upcoming Luminar 4 image editing software which use artificial intelligence (AI). These are not the first, and we actually only recently covered a different  AI-based feature in the upcoming software called AI Structure which is essentially an advanced content-aware tool that automatically adds detail to an image but knows to avoid introducing excessive artifacts and details to people or other objects.

The two new tools demonstrated by Morganti in the video are called AI Skin Enhancer
and Portrait Enhancer and from the demonstration, they seem to be able to do a very impressive job automatically and can really save time when doing facial retouches.

AI Skin Enhancer has a pretty basic interface – it is just one slider but the results seem to be pretty amazing – the algorithm seems to only affect the skin and not any other part of the image and while it will create that porcelain skin look if you push it too far (something that is very common in the east but typically considered less desirable by most photographers and image editors in the west), you can certainly use it in moderation to improve the skin’s look without making it overly “flat”. There is an option for removing defects in the skin (moles etc.) but at least in some cases, at least from the video, it doesn’t seem to remove those blemishes completely.

Portrait Enhancer is a much more complex tool with many options and sliders. It includes face light (for increasing the exposure of the face), red-eye removal, eye weighting, eye enhancements, dark circles removal, the option to slim the face, enlarge the eyes, improve (darken) the eyebrows, increase the saturation or redness of the lips (as well as darkening them) and finally it can automatically whiten the teeth.

From the demo, it seems that most of these tools do a really nice automatic job and if you have a lot of portraits to do this can truly save you a lot of time (fixing all these things will take at least 10-15 min on average even for a professional retoucher and not everybody is as skilled in Photoshop).

We are certainly looking forward to the release of Luminar 4 with even more cool AI-based features.

You can find more info on the upcoming Luminar and its features on the Skyloom website.

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