The Best Tool for Video Noise Removal

On this video, media creation expert Colin Smith from VideoRevealed takes a look at what is potentially the best noise reduction add-on for video called neat video.

Smith demonstrate how the add-on works in Adobe Premiere Pro on two different videos that has a significant amount of noise and with either the automatic setup or a more manual approach.

The automatic tool seems to do a very nice job from the sample video demonstrated by Smith but there can be cases where a more hands on approach is necessary and for that there are quite a few parameters that you can play with as you can see in these tutorials.

Looking at the Neat Video website you can see that this tool actually has lot’s more capabilities and there are many examples of what you can remove with it including strong digital noise, high ISO mode, noise in shadows, Chroma noise, dust and scratches, electric interference and more (especially the high ISO crappy smartphone footage).

Neat video sells for around $75 for Premiere Pro (other versions are also available).

You can find more Premiere Pro related video on this link here on LensaVid. We will continue posting more interesting videos from Smith’s channel and we are hoping to open a video editing section here on LensVid in the near future.

Iddo Genuth
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