Speed Ramping Audio Sync Hack in Adobe Premiere Pro When you don't want to use After Effects

Filmmaker and photographer Kyler Holland recently published an interesting video demonstrating how to resolve an issue in Premiere Pro when doing speed ramping and losing audio sync.

Adobe After Effects has a built-in function which knows how to preserve sound when doing speed ramps and if you are working with AE it is best to use it when doing speed ramps with audio, however if you prefer to work in PP this simple hack can help (although it isn’t 100% flawless so keep this in mind).

The idea is pretty simple, you create your speed ramp and where you want it to start you mark the video (Cntrl and click on the video) and make a cut at the same place on the audio track. Now you scroll the video to the place where the speed ramp ends and mark it and cut the audio track a second time.

Now you change the speed of the speed ramp (the video track) and smooth it to your liking. Now move the audio part to the right to make room for the part of the audio track that you want to extend and press R on the keyboard to expand the audio track that you just cut to the length of the video clip that you speed ramp.

After connecting all the audio parts you can use the default audio transition (right clip and choose default audio transition) and choose an appropriate duration and you are done.

We have to admit that working with speed ramps in PP has always been exceedingly difficult for us trying to move all those tiny markers and having to change settings. It is not clear why Adobe didn’t create speed ramps as a simple effect that you just drop on your clip and have specific settings that you can change (or for that matter why there is no third party plugin that can do that…

You can find more Premiere Pro related videos on this link here on LensaVid as well as more videos by Holland on this link.

Iddo Genuth
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