Excalibur: This Premiere Pro Plugin Will Revolutonize Your Workflow This plug in will let you do what Adobe doesn't let you

A few days ago a new Premiere Pro extension was quietly released that can revolutionize the way advanced editors work with the software, save time and allow for a new complex working workflow in a simple way.

A little bit of background based on our own experience with Premiere Pro. For several years we have been trying to find a way to create keyboard shortcuts for many functions in PP such as scale for example but for whatever reason (so far at least) Adobe didn’t natively allow for this (and trust us – we tried to push this many times and even put this as a suggestion on the Adobe website). Scale is just one example but there are many other operations that you can’t map or access quickly in PP and this slows things down, especially if these operations are done repeatedly on many projects and on many clips.

This is why we are super excited to watch Colin Smith (from VideoRevealed see video above) take a look at a new Premiere Pro extension called Excalibur. This extension adds a new search bar that allows you to do the following:

  • Find and apply effects, presets, transitions with your fingers on the keyboard (no mouse needed).

  • Use modified Premiere Pro commands (the way they should be according to the developer).

  • Create complex combinations of actions, to improve your workflow.

  • Add keyboard shortcuts to everything above.

Excalibur is a very extensive and elaborate extension with lots of options for things that are not accessible normally in PP, especially for the more complex, multi clips functions. Its official price is $75 for two computers (at the time of writing there is an end of the year discount of $25). And we can only hope that it will continue to evolve over time.

One very important note. Last year we covered the Steam Deck XL (see our review here) which is in our opinion the most versatile power user tool that we use on a daily basis for all of our video edits (and much more). In our opinion, the combination of what the Stream Deck can do with the advanced macro and shortcut capabilities of Excalibur – especially for things which at the moment there is no way of doing (again think about our scale example) should make for the ultimate editing combo for fast, powerful and effective editing in PP.

We shall be talking to our contacts at Corsair (Stream Deck is a brand of Corsair) and the developer behind Excalibur to see if there can be even more advanced ways that both can work together and we shall update accordingly.

Official Excalibur video showing some of the features of the extension

YouTube player

You can find more Premiere Pro related video on this link here on LensaVid. We will continue posting more interesting videos from Smith’s channel (see a few previous ones that we published – here).

Iddo Genuth
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