Creating a Black and White Image with an HDR Look in Lightroom

On this video by photographer Anthony Morganti shows how to get an HDR look to an image using Lightroom in a few simple steps.

We typically think about HDR as something which is made out of several images with different exposures, however you can try and get the same look (although maybe not exactly the same) with just one image. On this video, Morganti takes an image of an old car and tries to make it into a decent HDR black and white image.

The secret according to Morganti is to make the original color image really pop in terms of color (so much so that it will typically look really bad). After you have that you convert it into B&W. Now to be honest we are not 100% sure we feel that the final image in this video is spectacular and there is quite a bit of work we would have done to improve it – but the general process might be something worth trying at least once.

We have looked at creating HDR quite a few times in the past, both in terms of actually shooting HDR and in terms of editing it. If you are more into black and white photography we have you covered as well with many tutorials on the subject.

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