HDR Basilica – Creating the Perfect Indoor HDR

On this Adorama video Mark Wallace takes a look at a creating an HDR of a beautiful Basilica from 3 different exposures using Adobe Lightroom 5 and Photoshop.

HDR allows us to expand the dynamic range of an image considerably beyond what is possible with a simple fiddling with the RAW file. We might typically think about HDR outside when we have the sun and skies with a very large dynamic range from the ground, however even when we shoot in a place like a big church with large glass windows we can benefit hugely from having very large dynamic range as you can see in the video.

W have covered HDR many times in the past including a simple Introduction to Photo Realistic HDR in Photoshop by  Photoshop senior product manager Bryan O’Neil Hughes, a Basic HDR Tutorial by  John Telthorst, 32Bit HDR in Adobe Photoshop CC by Rafael Concepcion, Creating HDR from a Single Image in Lightroom by Gavin Hoey and much more.

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