Hot to Create an HDR image in Camera Raw 9.0

On this Adobe video Julieanne Kost from Adobe, takes a close look at how to creates a high-dynamic range (HDR) image using the new tools in Adobe Camera Raw 9.0 recently released alongside Lightroom 6/CC.

Most of the noise recently came from Adobe’s newly announced Lightroom CC, however at the same time Adobe also introduced a new version of Camera RAW for Photoshop which introduced support for many new cameras and lenses as well as new HDR capabilities which Kost is demonstrating in this short video.

Quick background – until now we could create HDR image in Photoshop but it wasn’t RAW – this means that even if you shot RAW images the software would not give you a RAW output after you combined your images. This has changed in this latest Camera RAW release and now you can combine several images and get a RAW HDR result which gives you a very wide play with the shadows mid-tones and highlights allowing you to maintain all the initial flexibility of the original RAW files.

Kost explains the different options you have – align images (align images which were not captured using a tripod or had some movement between them), Auto tones (automatically enhance the resulting images based on the dynamic range of the combined images), Deep ghost (remove ghosting from the image).

The resulting image will be saved as a seperate file (all the original images will not be effected). Kost suggest that you will do all the changes to the finished HDR and not to the original files (as not all the changes will be saved to the final HDR).

You can find many more Photoshop video tutorials on LensVid’s Photoshop section. You can see all of Kost’s videos on LensVid on this link.

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