How to Create a Panorama in Lightroom 6 / CC

On this extensive video by photographer Anthony Morganti we take a look at how to use the new Lightroom CC/6 to create a panoramic image.

Morganti first tip is to always try and shoot vertically to get the most of your panoramic shot. Before Lightroom 6/CC users needed a different software to create panoramic images (typically Photoshop).

If you have different images in your panorama which are not exposed to the same level you can – if you like pre-expose them so to speak so they will match the exposure of one of the images (you can choose which) however as Morganti demonstrates – there are ways of doing this later on as well.

To create the panorama select all the images you would like to combine – right click on them and press photo merge and panorama. Here you have 3 different projection – spherical, cylindrical and perspective – try and each of them and see which is the best (auto does a decent job here). We would also recommend auto crop to remove white areas.

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