How to Create an HDR in Adobe Camera Raw

On this quick video Colin Smith from PhotoshopCAFE shows how to create an HDR image using several combined exposures in Camera RAW inside Adobe Photoshop

There are several ways to create an HDR image in Photoshop. One of them is using the file>automate>merge to HDR Pro function. But today Smith is going to show us ho to do it in a different way using RAW files directly from  Camera RAW.

First of all choose the RAW files that you would like to merge to HDR – it can be any number from 2 and up (of course a very large number will take much longer and in most cases more than 5 or at most 7 isn’t really necessary).

Smith also explains the different features of the HDR including auto tone and align as well as deghost (which will help you if you had movement between images). Smith also has a nice tip at the end of working with this image as a 32bit image (this video will explain to you some of the advantages of working with 32bit image).

We have a very extensive HDR section here on LensVid and if you want to learn more on shooting and editing HDR images in Photoshop and a few other software – check out this subsection.

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