How to Move Objects in Photoshop in Under 1 Min

On this video, Photoshop expert Howard Pinsky shows you how to quickly move any object in your photos from one place to another in under a minute.

Photoshop’s “content aware move” tool (inside the spot healing brush menu) isn’t really new. However many people do not use it, either because they do not know it exist or because they do not know how to use it properly. From our experience, at least in some cases it worked pretty good but you need to know how to set it up first and how to correct for any minor problems after you actually move your subject.

First, start an new layer and make a selection around your subject with the brush making it nice and wide (in areas with little texture) and tight when there is lots of texture. Now look at the top bar – set the structure to around 7 and the color to around 3 and make sure that you select “sample all layers”. Now go ahead and move your subject.

Photoshop should do a pretty good job however in areas where it didn’t you might want to use a layer mask and mask the areas around your subject with a soft black brush. Finally if you still have some leftovers – add another layer and with the healing brush go over those areas – that should be it!

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