How to Straighten Images in Photoshop

If you have an image which isn’t straight and you would like to fix it, there is a very simple way of doing that in Photoshop or in Camera-Raw.

The human eye is amazingly good at perceiving even the slightest crooked images – we sometimes don’t even know that this is the problem but we feel that something isn’t right with the image. However when we do understand that the image isn’t straight there is actually a lot that we can do to fix it and it’s kind of simple using Photoshop.

The guys from the  Adobe Community created this very simple and straight forward (no pun intended) video which shows you how you can correct a crooked image in Photoshop using the straighten tool (part of the crop tool). The video discusses Photoshop CS6 but this will work for Photoshop CC as well – and maybe older versions of Photoshop, although we didn’t test that ourselves).

Of course, even if Photoshop is an easy fix – its still better to have the image straight in camera – for that you can use the camera virtual horizon (many cameras have this feature built in these days) or use a small Spirit level which you can add to your tripod or put on the hotshoe of your camera.

Finally, if your are editing your image in Camera RAW you have the straighten tool on the top left and you can see how to use it (basically the same thing) on Julieanne Kost’s video below

Julieanne Kost – straighten tool in Camera RAW video – lynda


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