Image Backup Strategies for Lightroom

On this Adobe video Julieanne Kost from Adobe talks about her strategies for backing up her computer with special emphasis on Lightroom (and to a lesser extent Photoshop). Kost discusses how to backup Lightroom catalog, how to do incremental backups, how to backup your presets, preferences, and additional supporting files.

The are many backup software you can find online these days. We like CrashPlan – its free (you can pay for online backup if you like but you don’t have to and can just use it to backup to another drive or even another computer – free). There are many others of course but whatever backup solution you choose make sure that you have at least 2 levels of backup – one – on site (preferably a secondary hard drive) and one off site (could be another hard drive on another computer (you can do that with CrashPlan) or a  some sort of cloud storage (dropbox, skydrive or whatever else you like).

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