Simple & Fast Sky Boost in Photoshop

Today we are proud to announce a new series of videos here on LensVid – LensVid image editing tip. The new videos will cover different topics in Photoshop and other editing software and will be done in cooperation with PSkiss – a developer of Photoshop and Camera Raw filters, profiles and presets.

This is the first video that we are doing in collaboration with PSkiss and in the video the company founder and CEO Tal Ninio shows a quick and simple method for boosting the sky in Photoshop.

Start with making sure you background and foreground colors are set to black and white. Now add a new gradient layer and choose the second on the left and change the blend mode to overlay and the entire image is boosted (you can use soft light blend mode if you want a more settle effect).

To make sure only the skies are effected – go back to the background layer and go to select>color range and select blue and later select the skies (you can use the shift + mouse click on a region to add more areas until all the skies and only the skies are selected). Now you need to inverse the selection in the select menu and in the edit menu select and fill with black. This might be a bit too strong (so you can reduce the opacity).

If you want to save time PSkiss offers a toolkit that allows you to do this process with one click of a button using its Outdoor Photography Toolkit which does quite a few other things.

This is not the first time the we look at boosting the skies in Photoshop – in the past we published here a video by photographer Steve Perry who demonstrated his own method and photographer Matt Kloskowski did his own take on the subject in Lightroom.

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Iddo Genuth
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