Photoshop Sneak Peek: Updates to Content-Aware Fill (September 2019)

Adobe (yet again), released a teaser video showcasing an important update to its content-aware fill feature on Photoshop.

Exactly a year ago Adobe teased a new feature of Photoshop CC that was meant to significantly improve the usability of the content-aware fill tool. However, the new tool which was released a few weeks later didn’t really make a big change in the way most users work with the content-aware fill (we tend to think that the new interface simply requires too many steps and is not intuitive enough – but that is more of a personal opinion).

So what is new with the new (upcoming) version? well, from the video above narrated by Photoshop Product Manager Meredith Stotzner, it looks like the relatively new content-aware window will now get new ‘Auto’ and ‘Custom’ sampling area options.

Both should use Adobe’s Sensei AI technology to improve the content-aware fill results. The upcoming auto option will analyze the picture in order to find pixels close to the selection and apply the fill using those pixels (mind you this might not always be what you want especially if the content aware fill needs to be implemented next to an area which you do not want to sample from). For more complex situations users will now have the custom option, this will give the user complete control over the sampling area selection so that users can brush any specific area they want to be used for for the content-aware algorithm.

As always Adobe doesn’t like to talk about specific dates for upcoming releases but based on previous “sneak peaks” we are talking about a few weeks at most.

You can check out past Photoshop released sneak peeks – here. You can find many more Photoshop videos on LensVid’s Photoshop section.

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