Sharpening and Noise Reduction in Lightroom 6

On this extensive video by photographer Anthony Morganti we take a look at ways to reduce noise and sharpen using Adobe Lightroom 6.

Morganti start by demonstrating what sharpening actually does in the transition zone between darker and lighter colors (he also compares sharpening to using the clarity slider in Lightroom).

One of the interesting thing Morganti talks about is the order of sharpening and noise reduction (he suggest that as long as you are only working in Lightroom it doesn’t matter).

The rest of the video has many other useful tips that will help you understand the rest of the sharpening and noise reduction sliders.

 In the past we have looked at sharpening techniques many times but mostly in Photoshop. Some of the videos that we have looked at were “How to Make Your Vacation Photos Look Amazing in Photoshop” by Aaron Nace from Phlearn, What You Need to Know About Sharpening Images by Photoshop Principal Product Manager Bryan O’Neil Hughes and “Enhance Texture and Detail with Intelligent High Pass Sharpening in Photoshop” by Michael Woloszynowicz from vibrantshot.

You can check out more useful Lightroom guides and tips on our LensVid Lightroom section. You can more videos of Anthony Morganti here on Lensvid.

Iddo Genuth
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  1. Do you have a simple step by step process for using Topaz AI sharpening with a camera raw file in Photoshop (I don’t have nor want to use Lightroom.)
    Barbara S

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