Working with Raw vs. JPEG in Lightroom – Sharpening, Printing and Tips

On this video photographer Rafael Concepcion (from Kelby Training) talks about using RAW vs. JPEG in Lightroom including many tips and differences that you have to keep in mind for working on the images and printing.

We always suggest you capture all of your images in RAW for maximum flexibility in editing (we use RAW+JPEG ourselves for our workflow). However there are cases where you simply don’t have the RAW version of the file (you forgot to set the camera, you got a JPEG file from somebody, the camera don’t shoot RAW – in smartphones for example – or the specific mode doesn’t support RAW – such is the case in many HDR modes on many cameras).

On this video Concepcion looks at what you can actually do with JPEGs (vs. what you can do with RAW), talking about things such as sharpening, color profiles and printing. Concepcion workflow for printing including using Nik collection sharpening tool in Photoshop (Concepcion also explains the differences between pre capture sharpening and post capture sharpening).

Last year we published photographer Tony Northrup’s video showing real world differences between Raw and JPG – a video that will surely convince you to shoot RAW whenever you can.

You can check out more useful Lightroom guides and tips on our LensVid Lightroom section.

Iddo Genuth
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