The Great JPEG Shootout – Which Camera has the Best Color Out of the Box

On this video our friend and colleague Chris Niccolls from the Camera Store looks at how colors look out of the camera from a bunch of different cameras (Nikon D500, Sony A6300, Canon 80D, Panasonic G85, Fujifilm XT-2, Olympus PEN F, PensTax K70 and the iPhone S7) – the results might be a bit surprising.

Niccolls does 3 different tests outdoors and indoors as well as one portrait setup. There are big differences in the way different cameras work and process with WB and there are big differences in the results (which are pretty subjective we have to say) in different lighting conditions.

At the end of the day the results based on over two dozen people who ranked the images (without knowing

  1. Nikon D500.
  2. Canon 80D.
  3. Panasonic G85.
  4. Fujifilm XT2.
  5. Olympus PEN F.
  6. Sony A6300.
  7. Pentax K70.
  8. iPhone S7.

Remember – this is out of the box JPEG performance and it is subjective (although based on quite a few “blind tests” by several people). At the end of the day most advanced and pro shooters should not care too much about these results as they will most likely work with RAW and can post process more or less anyway they please but it is interesting non the less.

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