The Art of Food Photography

On this video food photographer for  the Chicago Tribune Bill Hogan and food stylist Joan Moravek talk about how they work together to create appetizing images for their publication.

The following video isn’t new (actually it was posted about 3 years ago), but it is still relevant and still interesting to see how a top magazine food photographer works and how he collaborates with a food stylist which is no less important for the outcome of the project.

One of the interesting things that Moravek mentions in this video is the fact that unlike many other food photographers who use artificial means to prolong (or even replace) the actual food ingredients freshness – they use the actual food with no changes (making the process of shooting things such as ice-cream or a drink with an ice cube – much more difficult).

You can find many more videos on how to shoot food on our dedicated food photography sub-section here on LensVid.

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