3 for 2 – Tips By Photographer David Bergman

The 3 following short 2 minute videos by photographer David Bergman (with Adorama) cover why you should consider printing your images for your clients, moving to shooting in manual mode and a cool tip for keeping your batteries warm when it is freezing cold.

The first tip has to do with printing your images. Yes, we are in the digital area and everything is online. However there is still something to be said for a good print. If you are a pro shooter – sending nice looking quality images printed in a relatively large size on good paper to a client (or even a potential client) is a way to distinguish yourself from the crowd – try it.

The second tip from Bergman is mostly for photographers who want to advance their basic photographic skills. If you always shot in Auto and than in shutter and aperture priority modes – maybe it is time to start mastering manual mode which will give you full control of the exposure every time (if you want a more in depth look at how to do this – watch this video).

Why you should consider going manual?


Finally – if you are shooting in some (very) cold weather conditions – consider this tip for prolonging your camera’s battery life (here are a few more tips on the subject).

Tips for warming your batteries


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Iddo Genuth
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