5 Food Photography Tips with Andrew Scrivani

On this Adobe video, photographer Andrew Scrivani shares his top 5 tips on how to improve your food photography.

We have been doing quite a bit of food photography (and videography) for our new vegan food channel veggiez but we think that Scrivani’s tips might be able to help almost any photographer pro or otherwise make better food imagery.

  1. Define your light source – natural or man made, using a single light source can work great with food – shoot against it (from the opposite side of the light) you will get a nice shimmer on the food. You can even sparkle a bit of water on the food to make it look more appetising (depending on the type of food of course).
  2. Use diffuser to make your light softer (very important for working with food.
  3. Shape your light – use bounce cards and think about negative fill as well using dark material to absorb light when you want to.
  4. Know your camera – go without saying basically (you don’t need the best camera in the world – but you do need to work with the one you have and make it do what you want it to).
  5. Use props and think creatively on how to arrange what you shoot – you can create your small little “world” that will be your entire image – you don’t need a lot of room just your imagination.

You can find many more videos on how to shoot food on our dedicated food photography sub-section here on LensVid.

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