9 Photo Composition Tips

Although for some people composition comes naturally, most of us might  appreciate some help. The guys from COOPH created this video which includes 9 different tips based on images by the well known photographer Steve McCurry (who also adds a few words at the end of the video).

The guys from COOPH (an international photography group based from Austria) recently posted this 9 tips for improving your composition – here is the list:

  • Rule of thirds – choose where to place your subjects in the frame accordingly.
  • leading lines – lead the viewer’s eye into the picture.
  • Diagonals –  diagonal lines add movement.
  • Framing – use existing framing in your shots.
  • Figure to ground – contrast your subject with the background.
  • Fill the frame – get close to your subject and fill your frame.
  • Center on the dominant eye – make sure that the dominant eye of your subject is in the center of the frame.
  • Patterns and repetitions – patterns are aesthetically pleasing – use them when you find them – and if you can find a way to break these patterns.
  • Symmetry – symmetry is attractive use it to your advantage.

And as always – just as McCurry says in the end of this video – rules are there for you to break them – but in order to break the rules you need to learn to master them first.

We have looked at some of Steve McCurry works (and even had a chance to briefly meet the man himself during Photokina 2012) including Steve McCurry: a Journey Through Life

You can watch many more photography tips on the LensVid technique section.


Iddo Genuth
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