How to Create the Cool Pop & Blur Effect

The Pop & Blur is an old technique that go back to the old film days. On this video Daniel Norton from Adorama demonstrates how to use this effect in the studio.

The pop & blur (which is known by all sort of different names) is actually really simple to perform – using a flash you freeze the object you are shooting while you move and rotate he camera or zoom it (if you use a zoom lens). You can use either first or rear curtain on your flash (see video below on that). You can see how Norton plays with the camera and his subject during the shoot.

To make things more interesting Norton uses some background colors and he also moves his model around – this is a very creative sort of photography and you can do very cool things pretty easily.

Bonus video: Mark Wallace talks about first curtian sync and rear curtain sync and how they work on Canon and Nikon cameras


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Iddo Genuth
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