Creating Motion in Still Photography

On this Adorama video photographer and director Corey Rich demonstrates how to create a motion effect while shooting a pro bike rider.

When you are shooting moving subjects and want to create the feeling of movement you can’t shoot with a fast shutter speed otherwise you will freeze the motion and loose the  feel of movement. Rich suggest going down to about 1/40 second (this might be different depending on what exactly you are shooting) and closing the aperture (g/8, f/11 or even f/16). The final thing is tracking the object you are shooting in a motion that is directly in parallel and shooting a fast sequence.

There is a big chance that you will have to repeat that time and time (and time) again before you get a good shot – panning requires lots and lots of practice.

Bonus video: Kevin Winzeler 2010 video on Panning your camera: Action and Sports Photography



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