DIY Lights and Filters

Ryan Connolly from Film Riot  takes a look at store bought Black pro mist filter and how to you can get almost the same effect using stockings!

This video will help you create your own Black pro mist (BPM) filter. What does a BPM filter does? well, it helps you to control flares, lowers contrast and adds soft light – “pastel” effect. You can buy one from Tiffen (starting at $46 for 67mm version and going up to  over $120 for a $82mm).

If you do not want to spend this amount of money – you can use – drums please… stockings! Not every type of stockings will do the trick – apparently the best ones are fishnet type stockings which with a little bit of playing around can get more or less the same result minus quite a few $.

You can find many more DIY photography tips and tricks on the LensVid DIY section.

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