How to Become a Google Trusted Photographer

Almost under the radar Google has been promoting an interesting service inside Google Maps called Business Photos. This allows Businesses and stores to have their place shot in panorama and allow users from around the world to walk inside it just like you can move inside Google Street View.

The interesting thing for photographers here is who is making this happen. In this case you don’t have to be a Google employee, all you need is to become a Business Photos Trusted Photographer approved by Google – and this (on paper at least) is not that difficult. Here are the least of requirements as posted by Google:

  • Have your own photography equipment (specific camera bodies and lenses do apply).
  • Have a Business license.
  • Posses Computer with high-speed internet.
  • Have Gmail account.
  • Have your own photography business website.

Currently is seems only U.S. citizens can apply for the program (around 700 photographers are already listed on the Google site).

The video above shot by the website Tested has a short interview with Google Trusted Photographer Jeremy Powlus. Below you can see a video by another Google Trusted Photographer Michael B. showing his work on a Restaurant:



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