How to Fix Your Sound by Reducing Echo and Reverb with Sound Blankets

On this video, photographer Curtis Judd takes a look at a problem many of us face when recording sound indoors in a room which isn’t acoustically treated. The solution he demonstrates is simple and relatively inexpensive but can actually do quite a bit to improve your sound.

So you want to record a dialog for your video – but again and again you keep getting echos and reverb and hollow sound. What can you do? Well, apart from making sure you are working with your sound equipment correctly (the right distance, placement, settings etc.) you can do your best to treat the room you are working in acoustically.

One relatively simple and inexpensive way will be to use things such as blankets and if you are willing to spend a few dollars acoustic blankets. Judd used these professional ones that are designed to block noise and positively accentuate acoustics.

Putting the sound blanket on the floor and in front of the speaker should help reduce issues such as echo and reverb and general soundproofing of the room (they also have official sound absorption efficiency of: 80% Noise absorption, NRC Rating 0.8 (G-75 mount)).

You can buy a set of 6 of these blankets from vocalboothtogo (they measure 72×80 inches each) for under $150.

On LensVid we have a very extensive section devoted to sound recording for video productions which covers both equipment and techniques here on LensVid.

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