How to Make a DIY Desktop V-Card Lights

On this video videographer David Bode from Tuts+ demonstrates how you can create a DIY constant lighting V shaped stand for use for product shooting  Podcasts, Live Streaming and more.

This video demonstrates how you can build a very simple yet effective light which cost only a few dozen dollars using one or two CFL ligths (we would recommend non flickering ones with high CRI (Bode recommend  these BlueMax 26w CFL – they have 93 CRI and are not expensive but we are not sure about their flickering status), a socket fixture (preferably with a switch), you can even get a socket splitter if you want to use two lights for extra punch, finally you will need a cardboard and some gaffer type

The assembly is pretty simple you need to cut the cardboard in a V shape (see Bode in the video) and place the fixture on the top inside a semi enclosed part – you can even add extra lighting power by covering the area around the light with tin foil.

That’s it – you can make 2 of those and use them to light yourself talking or an object from both sides – and all this for less than $100 – how cool is that?

You can find more DIY photography tips and tricks on theLensVid DIY section.


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