How to Make a Jib Shot with Your Slider

On this quick video Brent Pierce (from looks at a very simple way in which you can turn your slider into a poor man’s crane.

A crane is a great tool for adding interesting movement to your videos. It allows you to take vertical and horizontal movement in a way that a regular slider simply can’t – normally. However as you can see in this video – at least in a limited way – you can recreate the look that you get from a (small) crane – although not all the true flexibility of course as you won’t be able to move in any direction like you do with a crane.

You can of course also do a pull jib style motion where you move the slider up or down but also turn the camera from one side to another adding another dimension of movement to your shot.

Of course adding any type of motion to your shot requires a great deal of practice – and the more levels of motion you introduce the harder it will be to maintain a steady and streamline feeling to your movement shots. So even if the first couple of times aren’t exactly smooth – try and try again, as there is really no substitute for practice when it comes to these types of motion shots.

Bonus Video: Slider vs. Jib vs. Steadicam by Dave Wallace



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