Lighting Tips for Easy and Simple Food Photography

If you are just starting with food photography or even just want to take some cool image for your instagram this video by  .

Food photography doesn’t have to be super complex. If you only want to get a good shot using your smartphone a good natural light setup and correct diffusion/reflection plus the right arrangement of your plate will go a very long way.

Start by placing your food on a table or a flat surface next to a window with lots of light coming through. Use a reflector like a white cardboard for example to fill in the light from the other side of the window. Make sure that your background is set (you can use different types of fabrics but don’t use something with a very strong color) and shoot.

As simple inexpensive DIY style reflector you can use a napkin, tin foil, a sheet pan, white foam board, cosmetic mirror, etc.

You can find many more videos on how to shoot food on our dedicated food photography sub-section here on LensVid.

VIA: picturecorrect.

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