How to Make an Inexpensive DIY Bounce Board and Interview Lighting

On this quick video, Ryan Connolly from Film Riot takes a look at two simple lighting aids you can build yourself for very (very) little money.

Creating a simple DIY bounce board/large size reflector is  as simple as it gets actually. Matthew Jeppsen published a simple guide about how you can do that for under $20 using foam called polystyrene (used for insulation) 1″ thick which comes in a standard 4×8 foot sheet. This type of foam sheds so you will need a good 2″ gaffer tape to hold the sides but after you do that you are more or less done unless you want to paint the other side with a different color like gold for example – which will give you a very shiny surface.

In the second part of the video Connolly  shows how to use the bounce board plus a dark sheet and one light to create a very dramatic lighting for a very low budget production – simply and cool.

P.S. is it just us or does Josh looks like Ryan’s doppelganger? comments below please…

You can find many more DIY photography tips and tricks on the LensVid DIY section.

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