Tips for Choosing Microphones for a Home Recording Studio

If you are shooting a video of a singer or a band on a regular basis and want to set up a recording studio this video by David Day (for Adorama) is going to help you start your way when it comes to the types of microphones and ways of recording that you should consider.

There are many mics recorders and endless amount of possibilities to set up your gear for recording. On this video Day tries to clarify this complex topic a little bit by talking about the difference between types of mics, pick up patterns, diaphragm sizes and mic placement for different type of recordings including singing and various musical instruments.

We already published here a few of Day’s videos including Boom Mics vs. Lav Mics: Recording Sound for Your Videos. We also covered other related topics such as How to Fix Your Sound by Reducing Echo and Reverb with Sound Blankets as well as Tips for Monitoring Sound when Editing Video.

On LensVid we have a very extensive section devoted to sound recording for video productions which covers both equipment and techniques here on LensVid.

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