Photography Tips: Shooting Water at Sunrise

On this video, professional landscape & wildlife photographer Ian Plant (from UltimatePhotoGuide) looks at some of the things that you can do when taking pictures near water at sunrise.

Sunrise and sunsets are the best times for taking pictures in terms of lighting. If you add water (lake, pond or a sea shore) you can increase the effect by having blue in the sky and blue below the horizon as well.

Plant gives some examples as well as a number of tips as to when to start (and stop) shooting, what equipment to use (for example a grad ND filter) and how to compose the image to draw in the viewer.

Plant does much of his photographic work around water and we have already published his video on “Tips for Taking Photos of Water Reflections” as well as his advice on what to take with you for any water-photography related trip – “Photography On the Water – What to Take with You“.

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Iddo Genuth
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