Product Photography: Turn One Light Into a Multi Light Combine multiple exposures in Photoshop to get the perfect shot

In this video photographer, Gavin Hoey demonstrates how you can create an eye-catching product shot using only a single light that mimics multiple lights. He looks at taking the picture (actually pictures) and doing the post-processing.

One simple yet extremely powerful technique for creating rich product shots when you are dealing with stationary objects is to combine several exposures with different lighting into a single image. There is really nothing new here but learning how to master this technique can make you into a very capable product shooter and is also a good way to learn about lighting even if you have several lights that you can use (as well as a way to challenge yourself).

Basically, the idea is simple. You start with a light in one position and you move it around to create different exposures on your product (Hoey went on a rim lighting for his shot in this video but you can do other things as well).

Next Hoey brings all four images into Photoshop and blends the 4 images he took into a single image using the screen blend mode (you can also try the lighten).

Now, this sort of multiple images/layers method does have its own advantages as it is much easier to only choose the bits that you want to include and not the rest – so if your light cast a bit of illumination on a part which you didn’t want to show in the image you can use layer mask in Photoshop and only choose the part which you do want to use.

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Iddo Genuth
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