Recreating an Amazing Coca Cola Commercial with Fishing Ropes Fishing ropes and imagination is all you need

Photographer, Daniel Schiffer published yet another tutorial/behind the scenes video on making a commercial and this time he tries to recreate a fantastically imaginative video commercial for Coca-Cola first shot by visual engineer Steve Giralt using only a smartphone and some fishing ropes.

Steve Giralt is one of the most creative commercial videographers of the digital age. He typically uses super high-end gear such as advanced industrial robots and super slow motion cameras to create amazing commercials for some of the biggest players in the market worldwide. However, as his Coca-Cola ad shows, you don’t necessarily need all this fancy gear for every commercial, if you have a creative mind and a little bit of DIY spirit you can create some awesome visuals with very basic equipment (even a smartphone).

Schiffer in this video tried to recreate Giralt’s idea but using a bit more conventional camera equipment (A7 III and a slider) but the basic concept is the same – connect 3 Coca Cola cans using fishing ropes and as the camera gets closer to the third one that spins in place the other two move to the sides.

The basic idea here is to create anchor points and as you push in with the camera the connected fishing rope will be pulled and move the cans and rotate the main one.

Moving the two side cans turned out to be fairly simple but rotating the main Coca-Cola can in place in an even way without jumps is more challenging. Putting a bottle cap bellow the Coca Cola can with a fishing rope around it seemed to make the rotating movement smoother (although there is still some jumpiness with the main can in the final video).

Schiffer also tried different sliders and speeds but eventually discovered that the best way is to move the camera on the slider manually – this way he can shoot the entire movement quickly (in slow motion).

For more video and behind the scenes from Daniel Schiffer, check out our dedicated page here. If you are into food photography and videography we have a special sub-section here on LensVid dedicated specifically to food photography.

Iddo Genuth
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