Rob Grimm: Shooting the Perfect Beer

Last year Aaron Nace from Phlearn took a visit to the studio of professional product photographer Rob Grimm who demonstrated some of his tips and tricks for shooting the perfect beer.

Rob Grimm is not a stranger to the readers of of LensVid. We have already seen him as he took  us behind the scenes and demonstrated the creation of an amazing food and beverage shots.

On this video Grimm concentrates on Beer (both the bottles and the glasses). Grimm picked a background which is specifically relevant for the beer he is shooting – giving the image a rustic look.

Grimm also uses a polarizer on his lens to prevent glare as well as gels on some of his lights and he explains the way he lights the bottle, glass and the label. One of the interesting tips Grimm shares in the video has to do with the beer itself – mixing it using a chopstick made from wood which let the enzyme in the wood makes the beer “explode” in a very controlled way.

You can find many more product photography related videos on our dedicated product photography on our technique section.


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