How to Shoot Multiple Exposures for Abstract and Artistic Portraits

On this tutorial Chelsea Northrup takes a look at shooting cool Multiple Exposures on camera as well as creating the same result in Photoshop.

Creating double (or even multiple) exposures is lots of fun and can help you get super creative with your camera (or with Photoshop). In the past when we looked at this topic on creating a double Exposure image in Photoshop by Aaron Nace, we noted that: “In the analog age, double exposure was done using a film camera by taking two different photos on the same piece of film creating what is known as a “double exposure effect”. In the digital age and using Photoshop we have the option of doing the same thing but with a lot more control”.

This is exactly what Northrup is demonstrating in this video and if you never tried it you will be astonished by how simple it is do do but how much thought you are going to need to put into this in order to make this really interesting.

We have already covered how create double exposure using Adobe Photoshop in the past (in a more basic tutorial) and you can also check out a short In-Camera Digital Double Exposure Tutorial as well as this Advanced “Double Exposure” Effect in Photoshop.

You can watch many more photography tips on the LensVid technique section.

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