Old Cars and New Cameras – Joe McNally Shoots Garage Guys

On this video which is a sort of combination of behind the scenes and semi-tutorial, pro photographer Joe McNally goes into a gritty car repair shop and using some speedlights creates cool shots the location the workers (and a model).

Domenick European Car Repair in NY is a full service family owned repair shop catering to the artisanal autos of the 50’s 60’s and 70’s. Domenick’s technicians repair, rebuild, restore and fully sort out old cars and do this for decades which gives the place a very authentic feel which is probably why McNally decided to shoot this video in the garage.

McNally uses Nikon speedlights (SB 900 and SB 910’s) and places them in strategic locations to give him directional lighting.

McNally has done some much stranger things including “Acrobatics on a Gitzo Tripod” and a shoot of Nadia Gracheva of the Russian Bolshoi Ballet, on a rooftop just next to the Kremlin.

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Iddo Genuth
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